Our Story

A life of plenty was born from our desire to make use of the things we had plenty of.

As two sisters growing up on an acreage, we always tried to make the most of what was abundant at any point in time.

We hate waste.
We couldn’t help but notice how much citrus was going to waste in people’s gardens, so we set out to reduce backyard waste and rescue that fruit from falling on the ground or being thrown away.

We love gin.
It was only natural that we started making dehydrated gin garnishes with all of this surplus citrus. They’re not just for gin though, they also make great edible garnishes for other drinks, including mulled wine, sangria, cocktails, soda water, and tea, they can be using in baking and cake decorating, adding to cheese platters and grazing boards, and of course, for simply snacking on!

Australian Made & Owned.
All our fruit is hand sliced and dried in South Australia, using 100% Australian produce. We try to source directly from the grower where possible.

Some spices are not able to be easily sourced within Australia, so we pack them in SA using imported ingredients, but we make this very clear on each product listing.

A sustainable business model.

Our mission is to make sure our footprint remains as small as possible.

  • We have solar panels installed, so while our fruit is not sun dried, our dehydrators operate using mostly solar energy.
  • Any scraps that are suitable for them, go to our chickens. They love to feast on cucumber, apples, pears and strawberries! All other organic waste is composted on the farm, or goes into green waste to be composted.
  • Our soft plastic waste is taken to our local red-cycling drop off point. In fact, our entire business produces less than one small bag of landfill per week.
  • We did a LOT of research into our packaging as we needed something that was air & moisture vapour proof. As a result, the majority of our fruit is packaged in sealed OPP bags, which are able to be taken with your soft plastics to be red-cycled. Our fruit is also available in glass jars, and our postal orders are all packed using recycled brown card or paper.

We’re not perfect, but we’re doing our best.

Sisters, best friends, business partners.
We are two sisters, Alicia & Vanessa, who are fortunate enough to have always been brutally honest friends, and now business partners.

Before a life of plenty, Alicia owned her own website and graphic design business for 12 years, helping countless small businesses owners bring their ideas to life and succeed in business.

Vanessa was (still is, and probably always will be), a teacher. Happiest in a kitchen, it was only natural that she created and taught a kitchen garden program to under-privileged students.

While neither of us were unhappy in our careers, we knew that we wanted to create something that was ours, where together we could do the things we loved, and do them well.  

A life of plenty is not just a business, it is a philosophy and the lifestyle we aspire to lead.


Alicia & Vanessa