Not Quite Perfect Citrus

Not Quite Perfect Citrus

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Second Grade Dehydrated Citrus Wheels/Slices
Each pack contains 120g (approx 50 pieces) of assorted second grade dried citrus.

What does this mean?
We hate waste, but we also want to make sure we're only sending out premium garnishes for your drinks. So these are our rejects! The slightly blemished, bent, broken, or pithy fruit... the not quite perfect pieces! We only have a limited quantity of packs available and please be aware that although there is nothing wrong with them taste or flavour wise, they are not perfect.

Made from 100% Australian citrus.

Our dried citrus range is all natural- preservative and additive free. 

What are the best ways to use dehydrated fruit?
Dehydrated fruit is ideal for:

  • an edible garnish for gin and other cocktails
  • mulled wine
  • sangria
  • fruit & herbal tea
  • cooking & baking

What's the best way to store dehydrated citrus?
Dehydrated citrus is best stored in a cool, dark, dry place. Our dried garnishes are packaged to order, so once opened, if you do not intend to consume immediately, we recommend you transfer and store them in an airtight glass or plastic container.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Greg Stafford
Not Quite Perfect Citrus

Great value and not quite perfect citrus makes perfect drinks

Kristen Carbins
Not Quite Perfect is Perfect!

I purchased this just prior to Christmas to get me through festive season. All I can say is wow!! Great price for a huge amount of citrus. As for being not quite perfect, I found them 100% Perfect! Absolutely nothing wrong, just some different shapes really. If you get a chance to grab this deal, then jump on it!
I was also very surprised to find that the girls had delivered this to my door aswell. Thanks ladies, I will most definitely continue support you through 2022.

Sarah Parker
Great products

Very nice. Tasty. Colourful.

Wendy Roff-Marsh
Perfect Imperfects

I recently received a large quantity of ‘imperfect’ mixed fruit, but were surprised how perfect they were. Loved the assortment & the value for my spend!
Now addicted to dehydrated garnish for my gin!

Leanne Shane
My perfect Not Quite Perfect Citrus

I have really enjoyed the different citrus combinations in my drinks. they are the perfect addition to my gin.