Wooden Counting Set- large

Wooden Counting Set- large

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Wooden counting set/discs/rounds- large

20pcs- each round is approximately 3.5cm-4cm.

Each sustainably sourced, wooden round has been carefully burned by hand. The set includes the digits 0-9, as well as their visual representations (dots). 

Versatile and fun, wooden numeral discs are a beautiful, tactile way to develop number recognition and improve numeracy skills. 

Ideal for:  

  • Maths rotations 
  • Developing number recognition 
  • Memory/Matching games 
  • Counting, ordering and matching small collections 
  • Digit to number one-to-one correspondence 
  • Individualized learning programs as a hands-on task 
  • Fine motor manipulation 
  • Loose parts/Nature play with a numeracy focus 
  • Bringing the outdoors in 
  • Play based learning/numeracy
  • Use in sites that follow the Reggio Emilia or Walker approach 

They are cut smooth and don't have any sharp edges, but are left with their natural raw wooden texture in order to maintain all the benefits of their tactile surface. No sealant or varnish has been applied to the wooden discs, allowing their natural qualities to remain intact. 

Please note these tree slices are natural wood. As part of their rustic charm, some bark may flake or peel off, and the size, shape and colour may vary. 

Direct supervision recommended for children under 3 years old.

Custom sizes available upon request.